Mission and Vision

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The Mintzberg Society the Netherlands

Our mission:

Our mission is to provide means to bring together science, research and politics with the aim to pass on the earth to our children in a better state than we left it, so that they can borrow this earth from their children and make it a better place to be.

This sounds etheric and maybe even too ambitious to be taken seriously, however, as Margaret Mead is reported to have said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

However, Henry Mintzberg says: "But changing this world will require a great many such groups, acting alone and together, every day, everywhere"

This site aims to create as many groups as possible.

Our vision:

  • Our vision is to do everything within our power to eradicate poverty, pollution, waste and destruction of our Earth, that we borrowed from our children.
  • We strive to proliferate any activity that results in a fair and honest distribution of value, with the sacrifice of minimal scarce resources, both tangible and intangible (eg. water, air, land, energy, people, welfare, happiness, peace).
  • The cost of sacrifice of scarce resources can never be more than the usefulness of the acquired value. In calculating these costs all possible information at hand must be considered, even if that seems impossible

Our strategy:

We have been inspired by Prof. dr. Henry Mintzberg (www.mintzberg.org) and have taken his book "rebalancing society" as the basis of our society. Therefore we founded the Henry Mintzberg Society in the Netherlands to try and save the earth, that we borrowed from our children. The society wants to "tell the truth to the power" as Henry Mintzberg says and this involves creating awareness around how corruption invades politics, how capital is created for a happy few, how sponsored scientific research serves the corporates, how public opinion is manipulated by media etc and what we can do to stop this as it is one of the most important incubators of destruction.

  • The society will be creating, supporting and facilitating webinars, Think Tanks, discussions, debates, blogs, involving scientists, researchers and politicians from the Netherlands and from abroad. It is in our view of extreme importance that we create a platform to feed many other platforms in the spirit of among others Henry Mintzberg and Margaret Mead.
  • It is important to attract the right people. People who care, who are not immediately opinionated and are willing to invest time and money to educate the ignorants!
  • The society will bring science, research and politics together, so that the debate can take place and actionable ideas will flourish from them.
  • The society will organize many events, featuring great politicians, researchers and scientists from the Netherlands and from abroad.