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This movie (documentary) is showing the results of a research on the biggest contributors to global warming, namely animale agriculture. It elaborates on the realationship between animal agriculture and world energy and water consumption as well as its contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions.

An interesting analys and review of the movie is found on

The movie is among others available on Netflix.

Some fragments and quotes from the movie that I found particularly interesting:

35'00'': 'Who speaks gets killed'.
This was said in response by Leila Salazar Lopez, program director at Amazon Watch, to the question why nobody (including Greenpeace) is telling the whole story about what is the main cause for the Brasilian deforestation. The main cause for the deforestation in Brasil is cattle grazing and palm oil, but standing up against Brasilian cattle industry is apparently not very healthy.
47'00": View from an economic perspective, whether eating meat might be sustainable. The answer would then be, that only if animals are raised in extremely intensive bio-industry the meat production can be sustainable, because of the spacereduction needed to keep feeding the ever growing population.  From an ecological and environment perspective however one could argue, that the ecological footprint of meatproduction still is huge, the quality of life for animals minimal and the damage to the environment desastrous.
50'12": Economic view on the sustainability of the dairy industry. It is suggested very briefly that reduction of population might help sustainability.
Further along the Allen Savory theory is explained: "Elephants were the problem of desertification" in Africa. 
53'00": Lobbying by animal agriculture.
56'46": Suggestions of federal bribe (allegations)
1:00:05: "Guilty if you say something that disrupts profits in the animal industry (or damages any industry) (patriot act)"
1:04:29: "Human population biggest problem, but only if they keep eating meat.
1:16:06: "You can't be an environmentalist if you eat meat."
1:18:00: "If you are not a calve, don't drink calve grow food."
Greenpeace: "We will only succeed if we stop eating animals."