Happy Startup School

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Great documentary on a.o. Happy Startup School

A great documentary (partly Dutch spoken) about a new and refreshing way of looking at economy!

Highlights and topics! (Dutch spoken passages in bold):

  • 2'20": Not money in your pockets but joy in our hearts (Cameron)
  • 4'45": The Happy Startup School
  • 8'27": Happiness before profit. Transforming the food industry, putting fair margins on products and cooperation in honest ways
  • 13'50": Ocean Cleanup, by Dutch entrepreneur Boyan Slat
  • 15'40": The Mobile Factory: Re-use of rubble in Haiti. From 16'20" mainly Dutch spoken
  • 23'44": The Land Life Company. Growing trees in deserts
  • 28'00": The Greyston Bakery: "We don't hire people to bake brownies, we bake brownies to hire people"
  • 38'00": Tony Chocolony
  • 40'55": The Purpose economy (Aaron Hurst)
  • Watch the film here