The town that took on the taxman

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If you can't beat them join them.

The large corporates are avoiding paying tax, so why shouldn't small companies do the same?

It would make competition much more fair. But what's more, if small businesses succeed in executing this scheme, the governments would have to do something to put an end to this way of doing business.

Watch how a small town called Crickhowell in South-Wales is mobilized to create tax havens for their small businesses.

Some highlights:

27'53": The Dutch Sandwich, a recipe for creating your own tax haven.

29'50": Subway

30'10": Facebook, Rolling Stones and U2

38'00": Morality kicks in.

43'40": The Fair Tax Town movement explained

45'00": Fair Tax Town brand

47'45": Meeting HMRC

54'40": "She's realized, that although they seem to be doing the same thing as the multinationals, in fact they are doing it for different reasons"