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Join Henry Mintzberg’s Masterclass in the Netherlands on November 8

On November 8, you will be able to spend a whole day with Henry Mintzberg during his Masterclass. This is your unique opportunity to interact with this great mind on strategy, change management and organizations in The Netherlands. 

If you are unable to join, we offer you the opportunity to address your burning questions to him via Twitter. You can pose your question to @MintzbergSoc and we will put the question to mr. Henry Mintzberg. Please do so before November 8th, 12.00 GMT. 

Beware, Mintzberg intends to change your picture on management permanently!

"Leadership is simply well executed management"

It is that simple, according to Henry Mintzberg. Management is nothing more and nothing less than a skill. A truly effective manager combines his strengths and weaknesses, developing his/her own style from reflection and analysis, cooperation and proactivity. In his view, management is neither a science nor a profession. It is 'doing'. Managers who calculate everything are redundant. Instead we need concerned managers, balanced people who can get energy from other people.

What will you learn during this Masterclass?

Henry Mintzberg looks at the biggest misconceptions in management and he proposes a better management approach. Do you rationally manage constraints? You will learn how to effectively apply skills, with the aim to build a stronger organization and achieve significant, sensible, improvements.

Program details

The whole morning revolves around Henry Mintzberg. After the break, he will take part in a panel discussion led by Harry Starren. Other participants in the panel are, a.o. Marianne Thieme of the Party for the Animals and professor Ewald Engelen of the University of Amsterdam. 

The Masterclass will conclude with his vision of the new building 'balance' of society. In this seminar Henry Mintzberg puts his timeless ideas back in focus. As always, his ideas across, myth-breaking and very well researched. Allow yourself a day long inspired by one of the most important management thinkers of our time.

For more information (in Dutch) click here 


The Happy Startup School

In recent years the number of entrepreneurial initiatives have sky-rocketed. And although many try, roughly 9 out of 10 fail. However, there seems to be a new type of activities emerging that are more promising. The Mintzberg Society is concerned with the values, that are espoused and lived by researchers like Henry Mintzberg. To name the most important ones:

  • Realize that we are borrowing the Earth from our children. When you borrow something you make sure it is in perfect shape when you hand it back.
  • The business models from the past, maximizing shareholder value, maximizing profits and while doing so squeezing the juice out of our resources (people included) are no longer accepted by a growing community.
  • Instead of trying to persuade (lure) consumers into buying useless things, try to create what people really use. ...You can never have enough of what you don't need...

A wonderful quote from the Happy Startup School:

What’s your exit strategy?

The answer:

I’ve always found this to be a strange question, probably because I didn’t set out in business with the aim of selling it for a handsome dime. I wanted to take control of my life, do things my way and ultimately build a business in my image. The thought of creating something you’re proud of, only then to hand it over when a good offer comes in doesn’t sit well with me. Likewise chasing investors early on and giving away equity before you’ve found any passionate customers.

So that's why we (the Mintzberg Society) would like to share the ideas of a fast growing community. Read the full blog from the Happy Startup school here